Nathalie Lepeltier
Nathalie Lepeltier

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Intuition and Heart Intelligence expert, fully committed to spread Peace in the World, by helping people find Peace in their Heart.

Nathalie Lepeltier

Graduated from a Master's degree in Finance (EBS), a Master's degree in International Marketing (CIM), Nathalie spent several years in multinationals in sales and marketing management positions (Air France, Accor, DHL). Nathalie has a dual Yoga Instructor Training degree at the Yoga Institute, Mumbai and 3HO Foundation, Santa Cruz, US, and has completed Reiki Usui Teacher Training in Sri Lanka. She then was trained in various hypnosis modalities at the Californian Institute of Hypnosis, Mumbai, India. Nathalie also became a quantum healing practitioner, ( Quantum Touch method by Richard Gordon and Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal ). She also certified to use Professor Korotkov's Biowell camera ( a technology based on Kirlian photography enabling to capture physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy emanating from and to a body). Today science and spirituality converge to help us express our full potential.

That reality became obvious to Nathalie while she was attending the Symposium for Contemplative Studies in Boston in the presence of Jon Kabat-Zinn ( MBSR ) and the Dalai-Lama. Nathalie is eager to share her vision of the great changes shaping up our Planet. She is a member of the HeartMath Institute, an organisation that studies the intuitive intelligence of the Heart. Nathalie is a polyglot and has lived in India, Sri Lanka, Sweden, England and the United States.

Today she travels between France and Dubai, where the 2020 World Expo "Connecting Spirits, Building the Future" will take place. She is a born searcher and experimenter with a passion to share with you the tools to reach total autonomy and live the best version of yourself. Her vision is transcultural and connects you to the heart of your Being. She embodies the connection between Indian spirituality and Anglo-Saxon openness while assuming her european heritage. She is committed to serve our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. Nathalie contributes to establish a new reality on Earth, where each human finds his place and vibrates at the frequency of the Universe. Nathalie is committed to spread a peace message, convinced that through peace in our Heart we will establish Peace in the World.

Nathalie was one of the few people who coached me and helped me overcome my fears and reach my dreams. Thanks to Future Life Progression, I was able to reconnect with one of my hidden dreams: to go on stage and speak in public. I saw myself and I did it 6 months later. Everything went naturally without me controlling anything: it's magic! that's wonderful ! and I want more. I highly recommend it. Thank you Nathalie.

- Lola Cuvelier, slasheuse and personal branding expert

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