Nathalie Lepeltier
Nathalie Lepeltier

Conscious Future Institute ©

Do you want to be part of tomorrow’s world pioneers ? We offer innovative training, helping you create a positive Future.

What is Conscious Future Institute © ?

La majorité des astronautes ayant orbité autour de notre planète ont ressenti un amour intense pour la Terre et un sentiment de profond bien-être qui transforma leur vie. On appelle ce phénomène l’Effet de Vision Globale (Overview Effect).

Conscious Future Institute © created by Nathalie Lepeltier is an International Institute that organizes unique trainings based on a subtile combination of latest scientific discoveries and ancestral knowledges. These trainings are transformative, and will provide you with tools to inspire others. They will reconnect you with the wisdom and intelligence that lie deeply in your heart. Nathalie has designed a protocol that allows you to tap directly into the intelligence of your heart and transform your life. A perfect balance of theory and practice for three-day modules that will forever change your vision of life and your abilities to create the life you want to live.

Anne Jirsch, founder of Future Life Progression technic and bestseller author "The Future Is Yours" is represented in exclusivity by Nathalie Lepeltier in French-speaking countries.

Three days to explore

The Past

Heal transgenerational and past lives wounds, transform traumatic childhood memories, free your inner child creativity and self-confidence. Free yourself from past lives blocages and reconnect to your ancient wisdom and talents.

The Present

Live your life to its maximum. Practice cardiac coherence and other powerful technics. Live the present moment, use all your senses, activate the 6th sense, intuition, and the 7th sense, to incarnate the new multidimensional human, connected to the universe. Activate your 12 chakras in synchronisation with the new planetary vibratory grid. Explore the invisible world, meet your totem animal, guides, and enjoy shamanic healings with all the elements.

The Future

Activate the best possible version of your future by connecting to the universal field of possibilities ( the Matrix, the Akash….) and make a leap of consciousness. Anchor this new powerful vibration in the present to live your life with Clarity and Vision. Visit the Akashic records to acccess informations on your life, your mission, your soulmates (family of souls), understand and overcome obstacles, and so much more.

See the formations

These trainings based on experimentation are available to everybody, being an artist, an entrepreneur, a coach, a business executive, a therapist…..You will learn how to apply quantum reality and how to reprogram DNA with the sound of your voice.


The training offered by Nathalie is a must-have. The experiences and tools offered throughout the 3 days made me see my future in XXL, with an immediate desire to use the technics with my business clients. For me Nathalie’s training is the best tool to date to unlock the mind and open the field of possibilities, in all areas of life. As everything is vibratory, the changes that follow are natural, obvious, dazzling. I highly recommend the training !

- Céline Boura, founder l'agence le luxe d'être soi

Nathalie was one of the few people who coached me and helped me overcome my fears and reach my dreams. Thanks to Future Life Progression, I was able to reconnect with one of my hidden dreams: to go on stage and speak in public. I saw myself and I did it 6 months later. Everything went naturally without me controlling anything: it's magic! that's wonderful ! and I want more. I highly recommend it. Thank you Nathalie.

- Lola Cuvelier, slasheuse and personal branding expert

An unforgettable encounter with Nathalie and a magical training in the future. I was able to make incredible experiences and access informations that got confirmed in the following hours.. amazing! this, in a friendly environment created by Nathalie, who is always very caring and listening to everyone before, during and after the training. I experienced a real transformation.

- Michèle Juillat, consultant

If you look for a very human and effective training, the training of the future is undoubtedly the one you need. The balance between theory and practice is simply perfect. Each technique is clearly explained, illustrated by a demonstration led by Nathalie and then widely practiced by the group. We are guided by Nathalie's sharp advice. The way Nathalie trains allow each participants to gain confidence. What an amazing experience. I learned about people while learning about myself. More than a training it is a life’s experience of. I recommend the training to anyone who wish to interact and help people. Here the emotion is paramount... A big thank you to Nathalie !!!

- Dominique Chauveau Zebert, professional swimmer and hypnotherapist

For me, there is a before and an after this training. The progression scripts to the future ( Future Life Progression FLP) are real jewels! The sessions are unique! The background, feedbacks and effects of the sessions are dense and people are amazed by the results!

- Sandra Bodin, Hypnotherapist

I am a hypnotherapist and Naturopath, the training helped me detach from my previously learned technics. I became more focused on the person. A person with a food problem told me: we have not solved the reason why I came (lose weight) but you made me accept to loose weight. It was very important for me to accept a deeper work. We can now begin this difficult work in Naturopathy. Now she feels ready to go deeper. Nathalie is incredible, lively, heart-centered and our beautiful planet needs pioneers of the future. Take the path that suits you ...

- Laurence Joly, naturopath, agrée Fenahman et hypno-coach (IFHE)

When I registered, Nathalie warned me that these three days of training would be "incredible". And that was true! Nathalie transmits an avant-garde method, intelligent, simple, and so in-tune with what our society needs. She has the talent to do it naturally and easily. I highly recommend this training for all professionals in self development.

- Nathalie Ayet, founder of Métis and co-founder of Curiosités, communication multi-expert counselling

I joined several trainings with Nathalie. I have to admit that when I started the first training, I was not fully convinced by this modality. During the 3 days , I was getting more and more enthusiastic. This modality helps people regain greater confidence in their future and their opportunities to create the best possible future for themselves. This training helped me combine this great approach with my own therapeutic practice.

- Nathalie Carrillat, kinésiologist

Nathalie, I loved this training ! I loved the simplicity, the coherence, the relevance, the intuition, the confidence that you transmit, and the power too! I loved discovering these totally unexpected worlds that open up and help us reposition in a new "do it"! Thank you for your presence and the way you conduct the training! Thank you for your kindness and your modesty! Thank you for your width of view very anchored in the pragmatic! Thank you for your care and your teachings who are so powerful!

- Emmanuel Brunet, founder Cobalt J17 "help you transform your company"

A small testimony of my gratitude to life in general and to you Nathalie more specifically. Thank you for these beautiful insights that you shared with us during the 2 trainings in May and June 2018. Beyond your pedagogic skills and the quality of the content, (inner child, healings, animal totem and guide, Akashic records, regression, future life progressions that I practice as often as possible) I particularly liked your induction protocol which connects brain and heart so smoothly. Above all, I enjoyed your ability to see the positive side of everything, to see the bright side of things, to feed only this egregore of beauty, including the way you move to Dubai ... bravo and mercí nathalie , see you soon for more adventures.

- Pascal Bernagaud, Founder Com'unique

Since our meeting on skype a lot of things have happened. Sadness, moments of joy, finally a lot of mixed feelings. A significant difference is that I have plenty of ideas for my professional future which have arrived at once, things to create / set up. I used to have a saboteur who pushed me to constantly postpone . Now I feel that it fades little by little and I find a motivation that I had a little lost for some time ( long time) and that pushes me to do things. Some of these things that I had in mind for a while. I burst into tears at one point, telling myself that I had lost far too much time, because of a lack of self-confidence and doubt. Even though what I saw during the session still seems pretty incredible, I have this voice in me that says "why not after all? And that pushes me forward. I want that to happen, so I have decided not to let go. I start to think that I deserve something so big. I connect to these images of the future that I saw to transform them in my reality, to make them alive. The first great change is this strong desire to get there and no longer aim for "little", even if I already have a lot. I realize that I have the right to express my higher potential and it feels good! That's what I wanted to share with you.

- Angella Schuster