Experiential Vision / Connect

A unique experience to become the best version of your self or of your project




Three intensive sessions to make a real quantum leap and integrate a futuristic and humanist vision in your life, on all levels, professional and personal, spiritual and embodied.

During the first session, we will transform your limiting memories and beliefs (from this life, from previous life (s) or from your transgenerational line). We have the ability to rewrite from the sacred space of our heart everything that makes up our history.
We do not modify the events, but the unconscious perceptions and programming which are attached to them, and which limit us in our life.

The brain does not differentiate between dream and reality, we can recreate everything. In an alignment body, mind, soul, in connection with the earth and the cosmos, like a tree, we rewrite what makes up our foundations. Firmly anchored in the earth and in our incarnation, our whole being, through our DNA, is reprogrammed on a new reality.

During the second session, we strengthen and clarify the links, the connections between the visible and the invisible. A true modern shamanic experience, you will discover your totem animal and other allies of the invisible world. The link with this invisible world is anchored and definitively established, allowing us to see more clearly, to use all our senses in the service of our soul and of our mission, which becomes crystal clear.

Each experience we live becomes a learning experience, an opportunity to transform and harness our emotions. We relate to our true creative power. We are fully aware of being an embodied soul for an earthly human experience.

The third session will be devoted to your vision of the future and its integration on all levels, personal and professional, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We will work on different timelines, with a five-year vision, looking for the best scenario for your life at five.
Beyond the limits of the mind and the ego, guided by your soul, you gain access to a real marker of the future that we anchor in matter with techniques that will make up the medicine of tomorrow.

We are like antennas, we transmit and receive a quantity of information at all times. And while we will carry out a cellular reprogramming, the best possible scenario at five years will be anchored in the material world, allowing you to manifest it easily, guided by synchronicities, encouters, opportunities.

With this program, you become aware of your multidimensional capacities, of your state of being unlimited. You connect to information from the new Earth, from the world of tomorrow, putting yourself at the service of Unity.

The values ​​of the Aquarian Age become a tangible reality: communication, collaboration, co-creation, innovation, body-mind relationship, cosmic consciousness. You embody the values ​​of tomorrow’s leadership: hope, transparency, authenticity, mastery and spirituality.

If you want to give yourself this gift and contribute to the world of tomorrow, contact me. You will leave with a clear, ambitious and embodied vision, and a real action plan to implement what you have come to share with the world.

You will have the keys to align the head, heart and solar plexus, to reveal all your creative power and take action, for your greater good and that of humanity.

This experience can be lived individually or in a group. It is tailor-made according to your intentions.
This program is available in Europe and in the UAE, in presence or online.
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