The paradigm shift we are going through is intensive as never before. Welcome to 5D, a dimension that connects us to invisible realms, where everything becomes easier as based on a pure choice between love and fear.
We are requested to incarnate our multidimensionality, our hyper presence while in connection with invisible states of reality. Our analytical brain and mental power are claiming to be in service of our Heart.
This implies a transformation of all our limiting memories and beliefs, in connection with the new Earth vibrations, and with a consciousness of the creative power of our sacred Heart.
All what was hidden is brought back to the light, for ourself and for the whole humanity. This is the time to welcome all aspects of Truth.
The new emerging paradigm will be based on TRUTH.
We have to realign to this new dimension within, to walk our Truth freely. This process requires from us to free our words and our voice, in its truth. It has to first address the individual and collective sufferings linked to our sacred chakra, seat of our sexuality and creativity.
I am offering a personalised intuitive coaching of 12 sessions helping you to realign to your multidimensionality and to incarnate it with fluidity.
We revisit your story, chakra by chakra, based on the 12 activated new chakra system, including our Earth Star chakra, which anchored us deeply to Earth.
Feel free to contact me by email or whatsapp 00971585621009.