Training Future Life Progression



Create your future, training in Future Life Progression

3 days training
Learn incredible techniques that are going to help you overcome your limitations and create the best version of yourself.
Integrate them in your practice or in your work, to help others and be inspired.

This training is combining NLP, hypnosis and day-dreaming to help you connect with your higher self, clear the past and identify the best options for your future.
You are going to tap into your intuitive intelligence and will visualise your vision for the future, and make it happen.
This techniques are applying quantum reality to the field of possibilities.

You will receive easy to use scripts that will enable you to immediatly apply the what you have learned.

Training includes:
Manifest your best possible future.
Access useful informations to live life to your full potential.
Transform limiting beliefs and toxic memories.

Travel to a future life.
Regress in a past life.
Future in 5 and 10 years.
Best possible future.

For any information, contact Nathalie Lepeltier 00 971 58 562 10 09 or 00 33 6 25 79 23 18.